Bolivia - the North

It has taken me a while, but part 2 of the bolivian pictures is now online.

This part concentrates on the north of the country, with places such as Sajama, Titicaca lake and the Cordillera Real.

Landscapes are different from the South, but just as beautiful and varied. In this part of the trip, we have also left the altiplano to venture deeper in the mountains.

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Bolivia - the South

It has been way too long since the last update. But fortunately, I now have plenty of pictures to share.

I have spent two weeks in Bolivia, a beautiful country where landscapes are as colourful as people. In this first part, we’ll concentrate on landscapes, and more specifically, on the southern part of the altiplano. This part of the country is located at an elevation ranging from 3’500m (11’500ft) to 6’500m (21’300ft).

Landscapes are breathtaking and range from salt flats to rocky deserts dotted by lakes and their flamingoes (not forgetting volcanic activity)…

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