Cinque Terre

I have spent a few days in the beautiful Cinque Terre Area (located in Liguria, Italy).

It is an area of rugged landscapes, with hills falling directly in the sea. On the hills, terraces were built to allow some agricultural activities. Quite a part of the area is covered with vineyards, but there are also many other trees, including olives, lemon, cherries to name a few.

The five villages of the region are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

The hiking trails are well maintained but quite steep. Be prepared to climb and descend step after step...

More pictures are on this page.



A great Tit's story...

Let me introduce my friends. There is a pair of great tits that has been living on my balcony for a while.


Spring came and they decided to build a family.

However, the eggs were laid, the chicks were born and the dad had some sudden doubts.

“Am I really the father? That can’t be. They don’t look like me. Has my wife been cheating on me with another tit?”

He decided that he needed to know for sure.

That’s how he came to the idea that he had to check in a book how his kids were supposed to look like. If those are not his, he’ll leave the nest…


Once reassured that those noisy chicks were really his, he went back home.

Let me introduce now the rest of the family…

Here is chick number one:


And chick number two:


Those are some noisy little birdies. They won’t stop asking for food.


So the parents have to fly away…


And fetch some food…


Again and again and again…


To be able to feed all those hungry birds


Because if they’re not fed, they turn into… angry birds!



Fall in Sixt

I have added a few pictures of the fall landscapes found around Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, France. Tree colors are very strong this year, ensuring beautiful views.




After a way too long break, it is finally time for a new post and a whole bunch of new pictures.

This time, I went to Andalusia for a short weekend (actually too short) and came back with some pictures of a few wonderful places. Malaga, Granada (and the amazing Alhambra), Cordoba and the small village of Priego de Cordoba.




It is finally time for a new update with a new batch of pictures. This time, my travels brought me to Malta, with the history loaded cities of Valletta and Mdina (among others) or the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. Pictures of this beautiful country can be found here



Southampton - New York on the Queen Mary 2

Finally an update to this page. I have added pictures from my latest trip: an Atlantic crossing on the Cunard Queen Mary 2.

She is the latest liner to have been built. Although she has been surpassed since, she was the largest passenger ship having ever been built at the time of her construction (2003).

You will find plenty of pictures of the crossing, the decks, interiors, sights, ... in
this gallery.



During my stay in Poland, I visited the old salt mines of Wieliczka. It is a strange and beautiful underground world, carved in salt...



During my short stay in Poland, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Krakow. It is a city with much to see, going from the Rynek Glowny to Kazimierz through Wawel Hill...



Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia - is one of the oldest cities of Poland. Its turbulent history is embedded in the city walls and buildings. Thus, the city abounds in historic sights erected in various epochs and in different architectural styles.Although less known than Krakow, it is well worth a visit!



Spending a few days in Potsdam last week, I found some time to take a walk throughout the city and the wonderful Sanssouci park...


Ireland (part 2)

I’ve just added part 2 of Ireland. In this page, you’ll find pictures of some beautiful rural areas such as the Donegal and the Inishoven Peninsula, cityscapes from Dublin and the fascinating historical monument of Newgrange....


Ireland (part 1)

I’ve added some pictures of my Ireland trip in 2008. This first part was mainly shot around the Connemara area.

The first gallery can be found here.